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Language Connect
Outstanding Branding
Radcliffe & Newlands
"Jules is an incredible partner to me and my leadership team. She's built strong relationships with people from a wide range of backgrounds and styles, helping them navigate key decisions, build confidence, and step up as leaders and communicators. She's also brought us closer together as a group, giving us a common language to discuss our shared challenges as well as our differences. Having worked with many coaches, Jules stands out for her commitment to demonstrable positive impact for her coachees. She holds herself to account on this - and holds us to account on it too!" 
Director of Corporate Affairs, Technology Sector
“Our extraordinary team is at the heart of our success. Working with Jules has been invaluable in helping us achieve our potential both as individuals and as a firm. What sets her apart is her ability to work as an extension of our team and to get to the core of who we are.” 
Milltown Partners
“Ask most business leaders what their biggest challenge is and I bet most will say something related to people. I worked regularly with Juliette for six years building Language Connect into one of the UK's biggest translation companies. Juliette helped me to turn the challenges of people management and leadership into opportunities to create a harmonious, sustainable culture in the business that we could all be proud of. I can honestly say working with Juliette was one of the three best decisions at I made at Language Connect and would recommend anyone in a similar position to get Juliette onto your team.” 
Ben Taylor, M.D, Language Connect
“Juliette has worked with many senior people at McCann London and has been exceptional at helping personal development, focus on teamwork and delivery against objectives. We would recommend her to help create a high-performance culture."
Chris Macdonald, CEO, McCann London
"Juliette has been coaching Fideres’ management team since 2014, when we were accepted into the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator programme. Since then, Juliette has been providing us with executive coaching in one-to-one sessions as well as structured group sessions to train our project managers in organisational and management skills. I have found Juliette’s approach to coaching very personable, pragmatic and results-focused. Our managers find almost immediate help from her sessions and we noticed rapid improvements in their project management and leadership skills. Juliette’s coaching skills have been instrumental to Fideres’ international growth over the past six years.”
Alberto Thomas, Founding Partner, Fideres
“Juliette was able to bring experience, poise and insight to solve managerial and individual work challenges that felt previously intractable and rapt in emotion. Working with individuals and teams she was always able to help us get to positive outcomes through her extensive range of performance and psychological tools and models. I highly recommend her to anyone serious about getting more done and being happier doing it.”     
Jon Tipple, Chief Strategy Officer, Global, FutureBrand
“I have discovered a more positive approach to problem solving and staff management issues that had been weighing me down for months. I cannot recommend Juliette highly enough, an absolute pleasure to work with.”   


Alex Miller, Managing Director, Livewire Home Integration Ltd
“I’ve worked with Juliette for the past 18 months. She has a great style – engaging and insightful, but no-nonsense. I’ve really valued the wealth of experience she brings and the way she has helped me explore issues and helped me hold myself accountable to achieve my own objectives. I would have no hesitation in recommending Juliette.”


Andrew Hood, Partner - Regulation, Trade and Public Policy at FieldFisher LLP
"Juliette helped me greatly in the first few months of taking up the role of MD of LUC. She helped me build confidence and develop strategies for dealing with a wide range of issues. I would strongly recommend her coaching to others in a similar situation."
Jon Grantham, Managing Director and Director of Planning, LUC
“Having initially worked with Juliette on the Growth Accelerator Business Coaching Programme, it was really obvious to me that I had to keep her involved in the business for another year.  Over two years, Juliette has advised, helped, mentored and coached me through a pivotal time for our business.  She’s given me guidance and tools that I have used to the business one step closer to what I know it can be. As a result of working with Juliette, we are no longer working hard to keep up with the corporate world, Instead we have become one of the most respected technical service providers, relied upon and trusted by our increasing number of large corporate clients, and as a result this has given us a much better opportunity to shine."
Kieron Garlic, Managing Director – Present Communications Ltd
“Juliette has been a key part of our company's success. With a deep understanding of each member of the leadership team and the dynamics of the business, her coaching has enabled professional growth, collaboration and change management across the organisation.”    
Gunilla Huddleston, Global Marketing Director
“What can I say about Juliette other than Wow!!! The impact she has had on our company and me personally is nothing short of remarkable. Juliette has worked with our management team, run DISC profiling sessions at our company conference, helped me develop my own tool kit as a Company Director and given us the ability to develop a strategy that we have implemented to grow the company. The results speak for themselves, we've had our best year ever as a Company and its because of Juliette's input, help, guidance and all-round brilliance. She has given us the tools to be even more successful. You can’t put a price on that.”  


Andy Thorne, Company Director, Outstanding Branding
“After 27 years of Headship, in two independent schools, I moved to a different position within education.  Juliette offered to provide a course to help me meet this situation. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect but can now state with confidence and contentment that it was a remarkable and most effective experience. The coaching had a deeply significant impact.  It helped to plan out and make practical various projects.  The sessions brought out strengths and removed obstacles. A combination of intelligence, technique and support made the impossible seem possible. Quite brilliant!”     

Mr P. Moss, Principal, St James Independent Schools
"I have worked with Juliette on numerous occasions and have always been extremely impressed with her knowledge and commitment to all aspects of coaching and development. Her ability to break down issues into easy to manage portions and her consistent and reliable approach makes her one of the best coaches that we have used in our work in leadership development." 

David O’Connor, Course Director, Common Purpose
“ Having personally benefitted hugely from Jules’ coaching services at my previous company, I was very keen to introduce her to my new organization for both individual and group training. DISC coaching encourage us to apply a consistent way of thinking about one another, and our clients – helping us to interpret one another’s needs and wants, how to achieve our goals, and helping us to gain a better understanding of how to work together so creating a more harmonious team. Everyone who had 1:1 leadership training commented on how useful it had been in not only improving their attitude towards work, but also in how they approached their role as a line manager. Having seen the magic she can work on several occasions, I can’t wait to work with Jules again.” 
Samantha Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, Evidently Ltd
“I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Juliette as an executive leadership coach. In just 12 sessions I managed to overcome many of the hurdles that can be encountered as a senior leader. Juliette creatively steered me through a whole realm of personalised tools that she seemed to whip out from a hat allowing me to gain a new confidence, direction, balance and happiness from work and life. Her style has just the right mix of empathy and professional distance to allow for very relaxed and open sessions (despite me being on the other side of the world!). I feel very grateful for having come into contact with Juliette and I know the outcome of our work together will allow me to grow at a rhythm I otherwise wouldn’t have achieved and gain a new level of satisfaction and success from my professional career. Thank you Juliette!”
Ilana Sarner, Regional Marketing Director Latin America, Johnson & Johnson Medical
“Working with Jules has been career-changing for me. She has helped me to unlock the solutions to so many problems, taught me to better understand myself and the people I work with, and generally guided me to up-level the quality of my thinking. The combination of her robust frameworks and her empathetic advice has worked extremely well for me, and I constantly reference both in my day-to-day work.” 
Head of Internal Communications, Technology Sector
"Juliette strikes the perfect balance of pure coaching and mentoring. First empowering me to seek my own solutions and actions but also having the experience and knowledge to make suggestions, share tools, concepts and methodologies. I can honestly say I do not think I would have achieved half of what I have in the past 12 months if I had not been working with Juliette during this time."
David Brett, Global Sales Director, Language Connect
“Juliette acted as my business coach and the work she did with me greatly exceeded my expectations. She is highly professional and knowledgeable in her field, always well prepared, delivers results-based techniques and adapts to the changing demands of a business owner/ business. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to develop their business or teams and individuals within a larger organisation."
Jessica Rose, Founder, London Jewellery School
“The Good Coaching Company helped me to escape from fire-fighting by building a stronger team that then doubled our turnover and profit in one year. All of this removed much of the pressure and stress of growing a now successful business.”   
Auro Foxcroft, Founder, Village Underground
"Juliette has been a trusted trainer for South London Procurement Network for the past three years, leading our clients through a range of business subjects including: - Branding, Negotiation Skills, Strategic Business Planning. Juliette’s calm, endearing and engaging manner has a way of teasing, coaxing and cajoling the thought processes together in your head and she constantly invites you to challenge your way of thinking towards a better outcome. Our clients would be lost without her; Jules is a great asset to have in your arsenal!"     
Petrona Wickham, Director, South London Procurement Network
"Juliette has a no-nonsense approach and can get to the heart of a problem very quickly and offer a range of solutions. Excellent business insight and very practical in drawing out potential paths to follow. Overall, an amazing coach.”
Simon Newsham, Newshams Tax Advisors
“Working with Jules has completely changed my outlook and approach to business. I no longer stress or panic when something initially seems unsolvable, but instead take a step back and look for possible solutions, something I was unable to do before. The sessions were invaluable with great techniques used for extracting information I had buried within through to realisation and development of ideas and processes. A life changing experience.” 
David WIllmott, Senior Projects Manager, Livewire Home Intergration
 “Juliette was asked to help our Board team to improve our business leadership and management style. The coaching Juliette gave us has had a really positive impact on the effectiveness on how we now do business. We understand each other a lot better, and have greater awareness of how we need to communicate and approach others to get the best possible result. We make time to communicate, share ideas and support each other. Through honest and frank discussions, we have a shared common purpose that we are all signed up to, and this has to be a really powerful tool in taking our business forward.”  
Jennette Emery-Wallis, LUC Director Landscape Architecture
“In my all my time at Babington House School, I have found this training the most useful in terms of helping Senior Leadership to move forward as a group.”

Chris Thomas, Deputy Head, Babington House School
"I think that any teacher or body of staff could gain much both from the subject matter of Juliette’s presentation, but also her approach which was a model for good teaching.”  
Andrew Bedford, Deputy Head, St James Independent School
“Juliette’s facilitation of our Away Day was very good; she took time to understand our requirements and delivered against our brief, which was ambitious in scope. Attendees on the day found her to be accessible and engaging.” 
Alex Jackson, Head of Campaigns, Dogs Trust
“Dealing with issues such as expansion, recruitment, staff cohesion and communication, Juliette provides a space to think, tools to think with and always brings real insight and clarity into the process.” 
Raija Koli, Director, The Finnish Institute
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