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Team Coaching

“Juliette has been a key part of our company's success. With a deep understanding of each member of the leadership team and the dynamics of the business, her coaching has enabled professional growth, collaboration and change management across the organisation.”  
Gunilla Huddleston, Global Marketing Director

Team coaching is an invaluable way of supporting new and established teams to work more productively and harmoniously together, move beyond working in silos, and create more alignment around a shared purpose. This process also builds a positive team culture, translating organisational values into coherent team practices that support longer term business goals.


Example areas of focus include:


  • Establishing common team purpose and goals

  • Improving overall team productivity and performance

  • Support with areas of underperformance

  • Holding individuals and teams accountable to delivery on results

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Managing change, transitions and transformations

  • Improving communication

  • Protecting team wellbeing

  • Creating harmonious and productive working practices

  • Encouraging co-operation and collaboration

  • Building trust and psychological safety


“The programme allowed us (The Board of Directors) time to work together as a team and focus on the fundamentals of the practice – who are we?  What do we want to be?  What makes us different?  This was a hugely rewarding process and has subsequently allowed us to truly define the ‘personality’ of the practice which, in turn, has provided a very clear reference point for everyone in the company.  Juliette was a particularly strong coach and used our sessions to encourage us to look in detail at how we operate as individuals and as a Board.  Although Juliette has a very personable approach, she really held us to account which meant we had to deliver, rather than just talk about, our platform for growth. I feel we’re a stronger, more united board as a consequence of Juliette’s coaching and I’m sure the company has already benefitted from it.” 
Steve Jackson-Matthews, Head of Ecology, LUC
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