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“We dealt with issues such as expansion, recruitment, staff cohesion and communication. Juliette provides a space to think, tools to think with and always brings real insight and clarity into the process.” 
Raija Koli, Director, The Finnish Institute

Facilitation enables events and meetings to stay focused on purpose and objectives while creating a safe, open environment where everyone feels comfortable to share their ideas, concerns and wisdom. 


The process gives the necessary space for a team to reflect, review, discuss, decide, plan and deliver. 


Facilitation can be used to address issues and conversations around:

  • Team cohesion

  • Understanding group dynamics

  • Business growth and strategic planning

  • Managing change, transitions and transformation

  • Commercial decision making

  • Cultural challenges

  • Conflict resolution

  • Focused problem solving

  • Board room and senior management meetings 


 “Juliette’s facilitation of our Away Day was very good; she took time to understand our requirements and delivered against our brief, which was ambitious in scope. Attendees on the day found her to be accessible and engaging.”  
Alex Jackson, Head of Campaigns, Dogs Trust
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