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Individual Coaching

“I have discovered a more positive approach to problem solving and staff management issues that had been weighing me down for months. I cannot recommend Juliette highly enough, an absolute pleasure to work with.”      
Alex Miller, Managing Director, Livewire Home Integration Ltd

Extraordinary people and outstanding teams are the driving force of most organisations’ growth and success. Yet the human side of leadership and achieving alignment within and between teams can be one of the biggest challenges.

Individual coaching gives space to think, tools to learn and a “fresh pair of eyes” on problem solving that supports a more effective approach to the multi-dimensional demands of executive leadership and management. This programme equips both experienced and emerging leaders with a range of proven business, leadership and psychological tools that promote best practice. Each coaching programme is customised to suit clients' individual needs.

Scopes of support within individual leadership programmes can include:


  • Problem solving and day to day challenges

  • Strategic planning and prioritising

  • Developing resilience and maintaining a ‘growth mindset’

  • Building happy, empowered and high performing teams

  • Leading with presence and raising visibility

  • Up-skilling people management capabilities

  • Presenting and communicating with impact

  • Confidence building and dismantling ‘imposter syndrome’

  • Managing underperformance

  • Handling conflict, challenging behaviour or difficult conversations

  • Developing a strong positive brand and a clear value proposition

  • Career planning

  • Managing pressure, reducing stress.


“Juliette was able to bring experience, poise and insight to solve managerial and individual work challenges that felt previously intractable and rapt in emotion. Working with individuals and teams she was always able to help us get to positive outcomes through her extensive range of performance and psychological tools and models. I highly recommend her to anyone serious about getting more done and being happier doing it.”
Jon Tipple, Chief Strategy Officer, Global, FutureBrand
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